Week 47: Live Radio

After 46 challenges conquered so far this year – scary challenges and physically tough challenges and sometimes frankly silly challenges – it takes a pretty special ‘new thing’ to set my legs shaking with nerves and my heart beating a little above the national speed limit with excitement. But this week I discovered what that special thing was: guesting on live radio.

Earlier this year (as you will see by peeping back at week 25) I expanded rather passionately, though always sincerely, on why I love the radio: a stage of wisdom, comedy, entertainment, and humanity, the most intimate of all modern media which wakes me up in the morning and whose voice is the last thing I turn off at night. I also lamented, again rather melodramatically, that despite being a loud and proud wireless junkie, the radio had not given me an opportunity to indulge a fancy for getting on the air myself.

Well, now it has. Because this week, I was kindly invited to be a guest on BBC Radio Oxford’s Malcolm Boyden show, to talk to the host about my 2013 challenge. In other words, my year-long enterprise has resulted in the most delightful of outcomes: a chance to fulfil the challenge that I half-secretly wanted to undertake more than any other!

How the interview turned out, I will leave you to judge. My personal conclusion is that I may not have given the best answers in the world, or the wittiest, or even the most coherent – but I had a heck of a lot of fun doing it.

My full radio debut will be available to listen to here on the BBC iPlayer until Thursday 28th November. Jump to the roughly 1 hour 8 minute mark to hear my interview.

Many thanks to Malcolm Boyden and the BBC Radio Oxford team for letting me loose on Oxfordshire’s airwaves!


About georgina2013

I work in digital humanities publishing and when not setting myself silly challenges am the sort of person who loves good books, good coffee, new places, historic places, old comedy, jazz & Radio 4.
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